World Congress, in partnership with The Health Rosetta Institute and The Care Innovations Validation Institute, announces The Health Value Awards, showcasing health care organizations and programs that consistently demonstrate measurably better health outcomes, costs and/or safety than conventional care.

The intention of this award is to promote health care vendors, brokers, and purchasers who  consistently deliver higher value care within an industry that has come to be structured and dependent on excessive and unaffordable services. By adhering to principles of compassion, evidence, transparency, competition and efficiency, we seek to identify high performance health care organizations as examples that can be emulated throughout the continuum of clinical and financial risk management.

The initial competition will be held within 11 categories, with eight of them formally validated by the Validation Institute:


  • Small Groups (<50 employees).
  • Small Mid-Sized Groups (50-499 employees).
  • Large Mid-Sized Groups (500-4,999 employees).
  • Large Employers (5,000+ employees).
  • Commercial Insurers.
  • Third Party Administrators.
  • Direct Care Providers (e.g., physician groups, health systems).
  • Product/Program Providers (e.g., care managers, medical claim managers, cost containment firms).

Not Validated

  • Outstanding Benefits Professional 2018
  • Lifetime Achievement Benefits Professional
  • Outstanding Benefits Leadership – Firm

We welcome change and view the challenge of credibly identifying high performing organizations as a journey rather than a destination. Contestants will be asked to describe and provide performance data on innovative health benefits programming that has measurably demonstrated significant improvements in health outcomes, patient safety and/or cost (for that niche and for total health care spend.) Judges will consider not only programmatic impact, but scalability (i.e., ease of program replication in other sites/employers), stickiness (or the durability of impact over time), and the calculation methodology used to demonstrate efficacy.

We introduced the awards competition at The World Health Care Congress on April 30, 2017. Online nominations for the 2018 awards competition will be solicited July 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018. Anyone, including nominees, may submit a nomination.

A multi-stakeholder panel will develop objective criteria for initial review of the submissions, and a credible, independent panel of judges will be recruited to review all submissions. Five finalists will be selected by an internal staff and announced within each category by February 28 with final selections to be made by the independent panel.

Entrants who wish to be considered for the Health Value Award should agree to attend the 2018 World Health Care Congress unless there are unusual circumstances – registration for representatives will be comped – and to participate, at their expense under a discounted rate – some stipends will be available for organizations demonstrating a legitimate need for support – in a validation process developed and managed by The Validation Institute. Some entries may not achieve validation.

While the larger emphasis of this awards program is on the validation of high performance programming, The Health Value Awards Committee also reserves the right to recognize individuals and companies on the basis of more qualitative information.